Hello there!  I want to tell you about the best ever (and my first) giveaway on my Instagram feed. I am posting it tomorrow morning, but for you lucky ones, who are reading this on Sunday instead of Monday, aren’t you glad that you stopped by a day early?  My friend Jill Lauck happens to have the best taste in the whole wide world. Just have a look at her Pinterest board, and you will agree. We talked about this idea when she was in the Bay Area visiting last December, and decided that we should do a souvenir giveaway!!! In March, we will be traveling to opposite sides of the globe. I will be in Tokyo and Singapore to teach a few calligraphy workshops and she is heading to Paris. You would think we would plan better so that we could travel together. Our beautiful souvenir giveaway, is really just a fun project for us, and for you, we hope!  Of course, you can’t see a photo of the prize just yet! But we do  promise that  they will be a well-curated assortment of our favorite keepsakes.  No refrigerator magnets, not that there is anything wrong with that.  The items will be sent in a beautiful wooden box, complete with calligraphy on your mailing label by yours truly! Here’s how you can  enter: this image (above) with the hashtag #mbelleandjillsouvenir 2.Follow and tag us in the post @maybelleimasa @jilllauck 3. Three random winners { one per city} will be announced on  March 15  and parcels sent first week in April! It’s going to be fun selecting these items! You can share this on any social media platform if you like. We will post previews on our feed. Good luck everyone!



  1. This sounds amazing! Are we able to enter if we are outside the US, aka Australia? :)

  2. What a gorgeous idea!! You’re amazing M! xx

  3. Wish you would have had these when I took your class! Hope to take another one next time you teach in the east bay!

  4. Courtney V says:

    Oh, this is exciting! Thanks for offering this! You announce the winners just two days before my 25th birthday, so it makes entering even more exciting for me! Following you both on Instagram and Pinterest, and I posted to Facebook and Pinterest as well!

    If ever you’re on the East Coast, or feel inclined to calligraph-ify (I totally just made up that word, I know.) Pittsburgh, PA – I’ll attend your class in a heartbeat! :)

    Thanks again for such a generous opportunity <3

  5. Reposted and tagged AND thank you for allowing those of us living abroad to join in on the fun!

    If you are ever in France please let me know. I would love to take a class.


  6. so excited for this chance to create and share with you, sweet friend. xx

  7. I’m now following both you and Jill on Instagram. Looking forward to seeing what delights are within these special boxes, whether or not one comes my way.

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