a lovely workshop-preview


Hello there everyone, I hope you have been well. I know that I have been missing in action. It has been a bit crazy in my studio lately preparing for my upcoming workshops at The School in Sydney and Melbourne. It really is happening and last week, Australia’s most popular design blog, The Design Files featured an interview with yours truly! I am so honored as they don’t normally feature non Aussie creatives. Since the article, The School added a few more classes due to overwhelming response! My etsy shop went bonkers too, with my Calligraphy workshop in a box was listed as an Etsy “popular item” so I have been busy filling orders!
My friend the amazing and talented Elizabeth Messina photographed me for the feature in my  studio and I LOVED how the photos turned out. She only shoots film. We drove to Los Angeles for a whole slew of successful workshops at Poketo and on the way back to the Bay area we stopped by her place to be photographed.

While I was at her house, I spied a very cute key holder with labels in her entryway. She asked me to wait a minute and then came back with a key holder for me! I was so excited and I labeled them with numbers when we got home. Earlier this year, she asked me to participate by teaching a calligraphy workshop at A Lovely Workshop, held at Sunstone Villa, in Santa Ynez a gorgeous place. It was such an honor and I will write a more complete post later. We ended up using the key holder as part of the check in for the attendees. Posted here is a photo of how it was styled, complete with an authentic ledger that I wrote the names of all the attendees, and then checked people in. Hanging with the correlating number were buttons with their names in calligraphy.

Mindy Weiss was a guest speaker at the workshop, and freaked out when she saw that I was actually checking names off with my calligraphy pen on the antique ledger. There was so much talent on the team that Elizabeth assembled. Mindy Rice designed of the flowers and styled most of the vignettes. Elizabeth Colling created the most amazing croque-en-bouche and taught a food styling class. Rachel Schwartz of Wiley Valentine and I collaborated on a lot of the the stationery, and she was my roommate (love her!). Jeni from Found Rentals provided a lot of the pieces, and Claire Pettibone came with her amazing gowns,( and was a student in my calligraphy class). There is a whole list  of super duper talented people  that I did not mention and I will post in greater detail later.  It was an unbelievable experience that I will never forget, and cannot wait to share with you!!! xoxo M

P.S. In the interim, you can see snippets on my instagram feed and should check out the hashtag #alovelyworkshop  and get lost in a world of Lovely.



photo by Elizabeth Messina


I am off to Los Angeles this weekend to teach  two workshops and I am  super excited that its being taught in Poketo’s beautiful flagship store in the Arts district!  I will be teaching on Saturday and Sunday August 24th and 25th from 10-1. It feels like we have been planning this for a while now and I am looking forward to teaching in a new environment and meeting some new folks. If you could not get into these workshops because they were full, there is another one scheduled for  Saturday, September 7th, 2013, also 10-1. You can sign up on the Poketo workshop link here. I would not wait on this one,  who knows when I will be back in sunny Los Angeles again! For the rest of the year, I will be teaching workshops in Santa Ynez, Sydney, Melbourne, and Portland! More deets on the Portland gig soon right here!

Earlier this week, Snippet and Ink announced their Preferred Vendor List. I am so honored to have been selected as one of them!  Kathryn has always had a great eye for finding the best in the industry, and she picked me! You can see the complete list on the Snippet and Ink Preferred Vendor Page, including Elizabeth Messina, who took the image of the Shakespeare quote featured above. Elizabeth took the photos for Kathryn and Ryan’s wedding, and I created the calligraphy for the wedding day.

If you are in Oakland and are not busy this Saturday night the 24th, please head to Creative Growth, up for silent auction are private calligraphy lessons, with yours truly. This is all to raise money to help a friend who has had recent unexpected open heart surgery, so its for a good cause.

Have a great weekend everyone!  xo M


new website – behind the scenes


I feel as though have been talking about this website re-design for a few years now, it’s been on my list of things to do, and  then our twins were born,  so it prolonged the process even more, about three years more to be exact. Well, it’s here and I’m so excited to share it with you, however I can’t help but feel like I have just given birth to another baby! While I did enjoy the time with my kids during the early years, now it’s time for me to hit the ground, running.

When I ran the idea of my website re-design by Tristan I knew that she understood my concept, but how embarassing is this very rough sketch that I showed her? I’ve had this botanical poster idea (an obsession, actually) for my splash page, and I wanted to showcase some of my illustrations as well as my hand lettering. Thankfully, she really “gets” me and knew exactly who to put me in touch with, in case you don’t know, Tristan has THE best taste in the whole wide world, so her opinion really mattered. I am so glad because Sarah and Lindsay at Hello-Monday are AMAZING! If anyone is looking for someone for their site, I highly recommend them!

If any of you remember, my old site had a very hand-done feel and I didn’t want to lose much of that, as much as possible on screen. I wanted to be able to update the site from time to time and I wanted a blog built in to the site, etc. I don’t have a budget to hire a designer to update my site each time there was a minor change. I am so pleased with my decision to go with a custom WordPress site.

I submitted a tighter sketch shown here for my website. I have completely outgrown ‘may+_____ drawing of a bell’ so, I used my long hyphenated name which I hand lettered in my version of an imperfect Bodoni, I wanted the same treatment as you would see on a botanical poster. Sarah and I had a meeting and then she got to work. She is so gifted because to take what I provided and add her design sensibility to what we ended up with is magic! She came back with too many great designs to choose from but once the final design was approved, Lindsay got to work and custom coded the site, she is another gifted one because coding is a foreign language, and viola my website!



I want to send a very special THANK YOU to all my friends and family who viewed my site in all the different stages. To all my followers on instagram, tumblr, facebook, pinterest and twitter, and my blog!  To my husband Greg for his fantastic ideas, expert woodworking skills and for making what I love to do possible by being such a wonderful dad and putting the kids to bed every night in order for me to work late. To Sarah and Lindsay of Hello-Monday for agreeing to take on my project, for your patience with my late night website help. To Tristan, for all your branding expertise, non-stop ideas, and for believing in me. Traci Williams for lending her photography skills for my portfolio, Laura Monfredini of Elle Photographs for waking up early one Sunday morning to take photos of me in Golden Gate park, (blog section) Victoria Stanell for her gift of editing which put the finishing touches to my site, to my friend Vic at MilkfedPress for being one of the best printers around  and making my work come alive! And last but not least to the talented and inspiring Elizabeth Messina for teaching me how to see the world in a completely new and exciting way! Many, many thanks! xoxo